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FAQ for Beginners

Are you beginning yoga or beginning again?


Regular Beginner Style (Yoga Basics) Classes

Evenings: Thursday 6pm (with Caron)



Starts: 23 March 2024

6 x Saturdays

Time: 7.45am

With Sharon Kriel

Cost: R900



We've all been here before so we understand how it feels to arrive for the first class. Let's give you some tips and dispel some common yoga myths.

"Í can't touch my toes therefore I can't do yoga"


There is not a single instruction or alignment cue in any of the hundreds of different yoga postures that requires you to do this. In other words, you should never hear a qualified yoga instructor to ask you to touch your toes.

Every body is suited to yoga no matter your body type or shape.

"I'm tired/hot/cold/exhausted/emotional/feeling bloated/having my period/hungry..." 


We advise you to show up on our mat under all circumstances and experience for yourself how yoga will meet you where ever you are.

"What is the pre-class and general yoga etiquette?"

-Arrive on the mat with an empty stomach

-Have a light meal 1.5 hours before class and a big meal at least 3 hours before. 

-If you cannot shower, wash your hands and feet.

-Skip the body lotion and perfume.

-Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in, a fairly fitted top or one that you can tuck in. Remove shoes and socks. 

-Bring water, but do not bring it into the studio.

-Have something warm to cover yourself in savasana (the final resting pose at the end of practice).

-Keep off other mats when in the studio environment.

-Noble silence inside the studio.

-Float out quietly at the end of the class...

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