What to expect from Kids Yoga classes


Kids Yoga classes are slightly shorter, roughly 45 minutes long, where we "Play Yoga", practicing a variety of postures, sequences, adding stories, and themes, keeping it fun, and energetic.

We also add "Moments of Mindfulness" into each class, whenever the opportunity comes up, and finish with lying down for Final Relaxation.

They say planning is the key to success; however, in Kids Yoga you must be willing to throw your plans out the window, and go with the flow.

The best way to get kids involved is through modelling and participating, so I immerse myself into each class, into the mindset of a child, and naturally just join in on the fun.

We allow talking and encourage kids to ask questions; getting them to think and talk about how they are experiencing poses, how they are feeling, what is happening when they breath in a certain way.

Yoga is a reflective practice; this gives kids the tools to notice and understand the changes and shifts in their bodies and minds from an early age.

In our classes, there is no judgement, no winning or losing, no "Perfect Pose" to attain. It is a safe space for children to grow and experience the present moment. They benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We invite all kids to come join in on the fun, and experience first-hand what a Kids Yoga Class is like.